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With B2BE Purchase to Pay (P2P) organisations make process based improvements managing the purchase and payment of goods, with greater levels of visibility, control and accuracy. P2P helps organisations reduce costs and inefficient administrative tasks which are error prone and repetitive.

The B2BE P2P suite of products and services is a full end to end solution, from contract and catalogue management, to document distribution and payment processing.

B2BE P2P is a completely outsourced solution with no need to buy software, networks, and systems, or to hire specialists to manage them.

The solution is tailored to your specifications. It can integrate systems and processes you already have or you can start from a blank page.

The following list links to B2BE products that can collaboratively create processes which minimise spend and improve payments.


Key Benefits

  • Improve Business Operating Performance
    B2BE P2P centralisation lets you streamline purchasing processes.

    Improve supplier relationships and maximise purchasing power through fewer suppliers.

    Give self-fulfilment functionality to everyone in the Purchase to Pay process.

    Drive continuous process improvement through your supply chain.

  • Improve Compliance and Audit
    B2BE P2P assists compliance of purchasing through managed contracts, workflows and reporting.
  • Increase Operating Profit
    Buying and paying for goods at the right price, facilitates margin management and profit margins. B2BE P2P helps your organisation achieve these key objectives.

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