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Managing supply chain Invoicing is costly and increasingly difficult.

With B2BE e-Invoicing you receive 100% of your Invoices electronically from suppliers and distribute 100% of your Invoices (from your perspective) to customers electronically (EDI). This reduces the time, energy and costs that your Accounts Payable and Credit departments spend processing supplier and customer Invoices.

B2BE e-Invoicing is highly flexible, ensuring you get 100% of your suppliers Invoices electronically and with the highest possible match rate. This is necessary because some suppliers are technologically advanced and others are not, also your suppliers change and the way you buy and the way they sell can create matching issues.

B2BE e-Invoicing is scalable.

You may want to reduce underlying complexity, improve processes, reduce Invoice distribution costs or you may be driven by customer demands for how they want you to send Invoices.

B2BE gives your credit control a single place to manage Invoice distribution. You send all your Invoices to B2BE in one format and, based on your rules, B2BE distributes the Invoices, via a number of methods, to your customers.

The following list has links to the B2BE products that can collaboratively create new or improved ways to manage your supply chain Invoices:

Key Benefits

  • Improve Document Process Flow
    Invoices are handled multiple times before a payment is made or received. B2BE’s workflow and document distribution removes many of these steps with a single process that is auditable and measurable.
  • Increase Data Accuracy
    B2BE’s suite of e-Invoicing solutions improves your Invoice processes and accuracy.

    Your current supplier match rates may be lower than you expect (sometimes only 50%) and your payment debtor days might be worse than you think. This can be because of your Invoice production, distribution processes and Invoice data accuracy.

    B2BE solutions also speed document throughput by reducing the number of steps in a process.

  • Reduce Costs
    Get savings of up to 50 – 60%, compared to your current processes, by using B2BE e-Invoicing to improve your Invoice receipt and delivery processes.

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