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MM Electrical Merchandising Case Study
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B2BE’s business automation, document archiving and workflow solutions remove layers of document handling complexity, enabling faster and more efficient processing, document storage and retrieval.

The solution merges policies and procedures into your workflow. This means that all documents are traceable, auditable and trackable. It removes repetitive tasks and some decision making. Employees can be more pro-active and can focus on value added work.

B2BE’s document management suite reduces manual or hard copy documents at system entry and exit, so that documents are managed electronically, system to system, without human intervention.

The B2BE business automation, document archiving and workflow solution is fully outsourced and maintained. You do not need to buy expensive scanning equipment, software and networks, nor do you need to hire specialists to manage them.

All solutions are tailored to your organisation’s needs, ensuring your processes will be improved.

The following list has links to the B2BE products that can be used collaboratively to create and improve your document management and workflow processes:


Key Benefits

  • Reduced Process Times
    B2BE document management and archiving solutions allow a range of simple initiatives to e-Enable many manual processes, from document processing through to archiving and online document availability. This can remove the bulk of your paper management requirements.
  • Accelerated Business Processes
    With B2BE solutions, documents are processed quickly and efficiently, automated notifications and workflows ensure processing time is minimised.

    B2BE solutions reduce the steps in a process, thus reducing document throughput times.

  • Simplified and Enhanced Business Processes and Control
    The B2BE suite has automated warnings and reports so documents do not get stuck in a process. Specialised reporting is also available. B2BE’s automated business process is fully auditable.
  • Improved Document Storage
    Documents do not need to be stored in hard copy because the solution stores, indexes and allows for retrieval online.

    User access is controlled, so a user only accesses sensitive documents, if you want them to.

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