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MM Electrical Merchandising Case Study
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Document Management & Workflow Solutions
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B2BE can distribute all your Invoices by a variety of methods (EDI, fax, email, Web Portal and post).

This means that you give the problem of sending all your Invoices to B2BE. We use the most appropriate method of delivery for each of your customers, so that all your Invoices are sent efficiently and cost effectively to all your customers.

The following B2BE products can be used collaboratively to provide you with a complete solution for sending all your Invoices:

  • EDI Transaction Delivery Network
  • e-Mail Gateway
  • Fax Gateway
  • Print Management
  • Web Portal
  • Document-Distribution

    Key Benefits

    • Reduce Costs
      Deliver Invoices automatically and in the most cost efficient manner which each Invoice recipient allows you to do.
    • Simplify the Invoice Delivery Process
      By outsourcing Invoice delivery to B2BE, you can use one set of products to manage the sending of your Invoices.
      Because B2BE provide all the services to send all your Invoices, you only have to deal with B2BE, irrespective of if you are, for example: sending EDI files, or sending faxes, or posting Invoices.
    • Happy Customers
      Your customers receive Invoices in the manner they want (or are able to) receive them.

    Contact us for more information.