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The B2BE Accounts Payable solution is a highly sophisticated outsourced accounts payable solution designed to improve supplier Invoice throughput and accuracy.

The solution takes your supplier’s Purchase Orders, Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) data and Purchase Ledger to match supplier Invoices automatically while providing online interfaces to manage exceptions easily.

Supplier Invoices can be sent electronically via EDI or through the B2BE Document Digitization Process (DDP) and through B2BE’s Web Trader (Web EDI). All Invoices are then parsed through the rules engine to ensure business process conformity and tax compliance.

The B2BE Accounts Payable solution can then complete the matching process which is then combined with a debit process or a credit request process, or a combination of the two. This means accounts payable personnel only have to manage exceptions and many of these can be automated.

The solution is highly configurable so tolerances can be set, GL codes setup and PPV accounts managed, amongst many other configurable aspects of the solution.

The solution is built using a number of the B2BE products and can be augmented and interfaced with other solutions and products and all made available through the B2BE hosted Web Portal.


Key Benefits

  • Eliminate manual Invoice processing.
  • Efficient AP, matches Invoices to PO and goods received.
  • Save time and money with our accuracy and matching rates.
  • Our system fits your AP process – you don’t have to fit our system.
  • All your Invoices become EDI. Even if they are fax, email and paper.
  • Further reduce costs as we move paper and fax Invoices to EDI.

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