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The B2BE Customer Centre creates a single point of access that allows your employees to view all documents transmitted via B2BE and to be alerted if there are any issues relating to those documents.

The B2BE Customer Centre is provided free to all B2BE customers that have B2BE EDI and other related B2BE solutions (e.g. Fax Gateway, Email Gateway, Document Digitization, Print Management, Scan Packing and Three Way Matching).



Key Features

  • Users can search documents
    Users can easily search (using a variety of filters) for documents that have been or are being transmitted.
    This allows users to check for documents that have been sent but not received. Some users also find this method to be a faster and easier way to locate past documents compared to using their own ERP systems.
  • Set email alerts for system errors
    The B2BE Customer Centre can be set up to send alerts to user(s), if a user specified condition is met. For example a user might want to set an alert to be emailed to them if an important trading partner’s document has been received.
    Other typical alert settings might include: “if no orders are received in a set time frame, then alert me”. This alerting function can also be used in combination with alerts from the B2BE Client software.
  • Updating information via Tables
    The B2BE Customer Centre tables function allows users to update basic information used in mappings such as a new store or a new product.
  • Secure permissions based access levels
    The B2BE Customer Centre enables your organisation to specify user and access levels so your account administrator(s) is able to define user access levels in terms of what each user can see and do.
  • Customisation
    If a company wishes to customise their version of The B2BE Customer Centre they can upgrade to a B2BE Web Portal which is fully customisable and can emulate the look, feel and interaction of a client’s current web offerings and can also provide scalability by adding new functions or solutions as requested by a client.

Key Benefits

  • Full (and shared) document visibility within your organisation.
  • Self-service functionality to help reduce your operational costs.
  • Self-service visibility enables you to rapidly view and deal with any issues relating to document transmission.
  • Alerts, that you set, help manage what is important to your organisation and that enable you to proactively manage any document transmission issues.
  • Central repository for all documents transmitted through B2BE, removing the need to manage and maintain hard copy document repositories.

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