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The B2BE EDI Transaction Delivery Network (TDN) is a secure and reliable communication infrastructure and environment for Internet document and data transmission. (This is also known as EDI or B2B messaging).

TDN is a low upfront cost model that creates highly efficient processes through fully automated and integrated solutions. It eliminates low value, human intensive processes.

TDN can be used in all markets (horizontals and verticals). Some examples of sectors using TDN include:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical and Paint Industries
  • Retail Department Stores
  • Consumer Electronic Goods
  • Hardware Retailing
  • Industrial Wholesale
  • Office Products
  • Government Departments
  • Utilities
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Telecommunications

EDI Overview Video (3:33)



Key Features

  • Sending and receiving any kind of EDI document
    TDN enables you and your trading partner to exchange EDI documents in any format. It can be an industry based standard like UN/EDIFACT, ANSI X12 or cXML or a proprietary format, which might be specific to your trading partner or their business system or their environment.

    B2BE can handle any transmission protocol including SMTP (email), (S)FTP, HTTP(S), AS2, MQ and others. We send EDI documents and files securely over the Internet from your network to a trading partner’s network via B2BE’s server environment.

    B2BE can also convince and help your trading partners to trade electronically (EDI) with you.

  • Document validation and workflow
    Before a document goes through B2BE’s EDI network, using your business rules, B2BE automatically validates your trading partner’s document content. Only after validation and translation is it sent to your business system.

    Workflows route documents, based on your rules. For example, before accepting an Invoice, you might ensure all mandatory information is entered correctly, if any required information was inaccurate or missing, the document could be rejected and returned to the sender or routed into an internal work-flow.

  • Data Enrichment ensures integration
    If your trading partner can’t send all the data needed for complete integration, TDN can automatically add the data to the document(s).
  • Document visibility ensures accountability
    The Online Document Centre has full document visibility, with tracking functions and audit trails.

    This useful tool resolves concerns, such as payment issues, by having a single point of information for all relevant documents e.g. Purchase Orders, Invoices, Debit Notes and Remittances.

  • Strategic alerts and reports
    Our automated notifications can notify you of important events so you deal with them quickly and efficiently.

    For example, your customer services team could set an alert if a trading partner does not send a Purchase Order in a set time frame.

    B2BE also develops management reports relating to transactional data between your organisation and your trading partners.

    Information such as volume and value by customer and exception reporting are some of the EDI reports that can be generated.

  • Complete service for all your trading partners
    B2BE can deal with all your trading partners, regardless of their size, with fully automated EDI or web based EDI. B2BE has all the components your B2B messaging service needs.
  • Supported service
    Our highly skilled operations, help desk and business analyst staff, monitor and respond to any issues your EDI / B2B messaging systems have.

Key Benefits

  • Optimise Business Processes to be electronic and not manual
  • Improve cost savings
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Increase responsiveness and customer service
  • Satisfy compliance and legal requirements
  • Better meet customer demands and requirements
  • TDN EDI enables interoperability into other networks
  • TDN EDI is the backbone of the interoperability of B2BE’s suite of e-Commerce and document management products.

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