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Rexel UK Case Study
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Document Archiving

B2BE Document Archiving allows organisations to manage their paper based documents in a highly flexible and online system.

Documents are scanned, uploaded and indexed. Documents are available online via a secure, permissions based, login. You can allow employees to see all the documents or only some. You can allow access by third parties, such as customers or suppliers, to their documents.


Document Archiving

Key Features

  • Any Document Type
    Store any document type online, including Sales Orders, Statements, Remittance Advices etc. Search and retrieval is quick and simple because each document is uniquely identified and indexed based on its unique identifier (e.g. Sales Order number).
  • Standardised Document Storage
    All documents are scanned and saved as PDF files, making them easy to access, print, save and email.
  • Download and Distribution
    Archived documents can be retrieved through a search function. Documents can be downloaded locally (individually or batched) and can be emailed.
  • Workflow
    You can tailor workflow as part of the upload and storage process. All workflows are customised to your needs, so you can process documents online, quickly and efficiently.
  • Document Digitization
    If documents in the B2BE Archiving solution need keying into your Accounting or business system, B2BE’s Document Digitization converts documents (such as supplier Invoices) to electronic files. These files can be automatically uploaded into your system without re-keying.

Key Benefits

  • Stop Storing Paper
    Processed paper documents are difficult to manage. The B2BE Archive solution ensures you have an electronic paper trail with no need to store old documents in dusty boxes.
  • Faster Document Retrieval
    When you need an old document, you can retrieve it, quickly and easily, through various search options.
  • Secure Document Storage
    Document storage is highly secure. You can make can make a document widely available or you can restrict access. If you want, you can give suppliers and customers, access to their documents.

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