Sheen Garments Case Study
Sheen Garments Case Study
Sheen Garments Ltd complied with Kmart’s electronic trading three document policy…
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Trading with Coles Group Limited has never been easier through B2BE. B2BE offer a range of products and solutions to enable your organization to trade with the Coles Group of companies based on each division’s trading requirements. Whether it’s the full five documents for Kmart or Purchase Orders for Target or Officeworks B2BE can assist.

If you supply Kmart China, B2BE can also assist with your electronic enablement and accreditation process through our Hong Kong or Shanghai offices.

Product Solutions

B2BE offer a full turn-key solution from electronic trading (EDI) through to scan pack solutions which is fully supported by the B2BE accreditation, implementation and planning approach.

B2BE Transaction Delivery Network

The B2BE Transaction Delivery Network (TDN) provides an automated, secure, reliable electronic (EDI) document communication environment for document and data transmission through the Internet between you and the Coles Group. The B2BE TDN also facilitates connectivity into other B2BE products and solutions such as the B2BE Interlabel Scan Pack solution.

The B2BE TDN solution is a full back-end to back-end automated environment so you or your organizations don’t need to manually handle documents. However, if your back end system cannot handle some or the entire required document set Coles supports then B2BE can also supply web based interfaces to facilitate the Coles requirements.

Document Set

Whether you’re trading with Coles or one of the other divisions within the group B2BE supports all the document requirements including:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Change
  • Purchase Order Response
  • Advance Shipping Note
  • Invoices

Find out more about the B2BE’s EDI solution.

B2BE Interlabel Scan Pack Solution

The B2BE Interlabel Online Scan-Packing solution enables your organisations to easily create both SSCC labels and Advance Shipping Notes (ASN’s) via an online interface, using Coles divisions Purchase Order data sent electronically through the B2BE Transaction Delivery Network (TDN). This solution is highly configurable and enables you to be Scan pack compliant with the Coles group of companies.

Find out more about the B2BE Interlabel Scan-Packing solution

Supplier Accreditation, Planning and Implementation

The moment you select B2BE as your e-Commerce enabler for Coles, our dedicated consulting team will support and manage the entire accreditation process for your business.

For more about the B2BE planning and Implementation process

Contact B2BE

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