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Why Are We Different?
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B2BE has successful partnerships with many organizations. Some of these are listed below:

EDI / VAN Partners


B2BE interconnects with many other EDI providers (VANs). This means that your messages can not only go to B2BE’s extensive network of trading partners but B2BE can also exchange your documents with the clients’ of other EDI providers.

B2BE also provides services to other EDI providers that those providers do not have but would like to offer their clients. For example, B2BE Document Digitization, converts (with a 99.8% accuracy rate) manual documents received through hard copy, facsimiles or e-mails into electronic files for automatic uploading into your clients’ business system. This means that those clients can instantly receive 100% of their supplier Invoices electronically, with no human intervention.

If you are an EDI provider (VAN) and you would like to offer your clients this service, contact us here.

ERP / VAR Partners


Software authors and Value Added Resellers (VARs) partner with B2BE, so that their customers can benefit from B2BE’s suite of transaction cost reducing and business process enhancing solutions.

B2BE’s solutions that software authors and VARs are already partnering with B2BE, includes: B2B EDI, Document Digitization Process (DDP), e-Invoicing, Three Way Matching and AP process automation.

If you are a software author or a VAR and you would like to assist your clients by partnering with B2BE, contact us here.


Innovit Logo

Innovit is a global business leader in software for Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Global Data Synchronization (GDS – GS1net, 1Sync, SA2). They are headquartered in Sydney Australia, with representation in Melbourne, New Zealand, San Francisco, and also the UK.

Innovit provide automated workflow management tools to enforce control of master data accuracy & consistency. Certified by GS1, iICE products from Innovit allow suppliers and also buyers to validate and synchronize master data between GS1net and their ERP/WMS & Merchandise systems. iICE Validator for GS1net is one of the most commonly used middleware solutions for GS1net.

Website: www.innovit.com
Contact: contact Innovit


Quantor logo

Quantor Scanning Limited (QSL) provides outsource scanning services.

It has a reputation for successfully handling exacting applications where particular care, attention and exception monitoring is essential.

The Quantor PO Box Service ensures that each day delivery of all post is received by its client(s) as electronic images rather than paper.

It services include data capture, the scanning of any documents/drawings and microfilm formats, Document Management Solutions, fully secure web hosting or document portal. Particular expertise is available supporting e-Invoicing, Invoice Processing, Matching and Workflow for the Purchase to Pay cycle.

Quantor provides services to Commercial Companies, Professional Firms, Charities and the Public Sector.

Website: www.quantor.biz
Contact: info@quantor.biz